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  Updated 12/30/18

I have the seed pages updated for the new varieties and new seed collected this year. Due to the lousy weather much of the growing season we didn't get large amounts of seed for very many varieties. But we did get at least some seed for lots of varieties. There are 40+ new or relisted varieties this year.

Feb 2018. I finally got the variety pages fully updated for new varieties and new germination tests.  I fell and broke my wrist Oct 2, 17. We have 58 new-to-me varieties this year.  We retested all the older seeds and updated the rates and deleted a few varieties that didn't test well this time.

Unfortunately due to the farm bleeding money I had to raise the prices a bit. It's that or stop doing the seeds at all.

PayPal has been a bit nutty lately, (Nov-2016) flagging orders as "terrorist" or "restricted". They don't understand Tomato names. Isis Candy and Cuban Black are 2 that have been flagged and I wouldn't doubt more could be. So I will be going thru the whole site and adding the words "tomato seeds" after ALL of the variety names on the part that goes to the cart, which is what PayPal sees.  Just email me if there is any issue. Thanks for understanding.

The individual variety pages are now edited and all are up. So all names that are links should have an info page. I do have some more pages to make from scratch but that's for another day.

Please try to give me at least 2 weeks to get orders out. I hope to be able to get things out quicker than that but, 2 weeks just to be safe. 

In Memorial


On the nite of 12/30/2013 my beloved Mom died suddenly.

We knew she had a condition that wasn't treatable and was a ticking time bomb. But it's still a shock when it actually happens. Although she was 92 and otherwise in good health for her age, we always want life to last longer.

At the same time, this was the way she wanted to go. No prolonged illness or mind fading away from Alzheimer's. She had seen too much of that with the deaths of 2 husbands and her younger brother and very recently with my Sister's husband from Alzheimer's. 

She had been my best friend and helper all my life. As you can see from a 2012 pic, she loved being at the farmers markets and she actually helped out. She felt good about the fact that she was still able to contribute.

Mom will be missed for a long time.

I was asked about GMO seeds on my web site. NO, I DO NOT HAVE GMO SEEDS.

I do offer a few former hybrid varieties that were discontinued by the seed companies and I've grown out and stabilized.

There is a lot of confusion between GMO and Hybrid seeds.

YES, ALL GMO seeds are Hybrids.

NO, not all Hybrids are GMO.

Hybrids come from crossing 2 varieties OF THE SAME TYPE. Bees (and sometimes the wind) make natural hybrids when they visit plants and mix the pollen of different varieties of the same type of plant.

GMO Hybrids are MADE IN A LAB using genes from vastly different species. Sometimes so different as to be plant / animal / insect / bacteria. Nothing that could EVER happen in nature.

To the best of my knowledge there are no GMO tomato seeds. While there are a few summer squash and zucchini varieties that are GMO, I do NOT grow those. They are way too expensive and too legally prohibitive for me to get.

Most, if not ALL GMO, seeds require that the seed distributor (big company, not me) selling the seeds have the customer (you or I) sign a legal document acknowledging that the seeds are "special" and the customer is not allowed to save seeds from the crop grown. Also most of those seeds are ONLY sold in large bulk amounts (like 50 lb bags of seed), in part so they don't get into the hands of "home gardeners".

Here is our FaceBook page for Knapp's Fresh Vegies

All USA orders have a flat rate shipping of $4.00, except hot sauce. Unfortunately since the post office has changed how they do international orders I have to charge more for larger orders that need a customs form. I'm trying to keep small orders reasonable starting at $4.50 to Canada and $5.50 other international.  But for orders of about 8 packs or more I need to use a customs form and then the post office no longer calls it an "envelope" but classes it as a "package" for about 4 times the price. I will have to be creative to make international orders look like a "card" so I don't have to use the customs form and they will ship as a "letter".

The cart now only takes PayPal since Google quit their payment plan. But you can use credit cards thru PayPal without being a member. 

Some smaller orders are now shipped in a paper "catalog" or "invitation" envelope with the seeds wrapped in paper toweling. This is to keep them as a "letter" and not a "Parcel". Not for the cheaper postage but because the Post Office is randomly scanning parcels / packages for illegal Rx drugs and the xrays can damage the seeds.

Something new for foreign customers that don't or can't use PayPal. I recently had an order that sent the money by Western Union. It was a bit of a challenge for me for that first one. But now that I know how it works, it's a lot easier and faster than physically sending a money order or money. On checkout select "money order" and I will contact you about it. 

I have the cart set-up so it does give a discount for larger orders of 20 packs or more without having to email me for it.

I've also been working on using my own pics, if I have them, instead of the stock variety pics from the seed companies you see in every catalog. So far I've edited and watermarked over 500 pics and have about 200 more to go. Many of my own pics aren't all that good. But they do show the variety in true "as grown" pics here on MY farm in Wisconsin.

As all this editing can involve a lot of cut / paste, I sometime get quite bleary eyed. If something doesn't look right on a page or if a variety doesn't come up right on an order, please give me an email so I can find the error and get it corrected.

Due to the farm and market work, seed orders from July til Nov will not get priority in my 'to do' list. I just don't have the energy to keep up with orders and farm work.  From Dec til April or May I usually get orders out in less than a week. But during summer, I may not be able to do much if any orders at all. I will try to  take care of emergency orders if you give me a separate email letting me know about it.

I have found out that some users on AOL have been unable to get the cart to work at all. AOL customers and some International customers MAY need to email me for a hand invoice.

Feel free to email me if you need info about anything.


A good web page seems to be a never ending project of updates.

Last edited 12/30/18

For anyone that 'harvests' either of these emails and sells them to 'mailing lists', you should know that I screen my emails and report spam to 'blacklist' sites instantly. So if you want to get blacklisted fast, just send me a junk email for the latest dating, meds or porn site. BTW, I'm a happily married white FEMALE, so I don't need your Russian bimbos or male enhancements either.

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