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Tomato seeds are all $2.25 per packet.
All seeds are in small zip-lock bags and shipped in bubble padded mailers.
Packets contain about twice what's in store packs and are weighed to 0.1 gm (about 25-40 seeds).

Mini packs are $1.25 / pack weighed to 0.05 gm. They contain about 15-25 seeds. 

The collections give you a 10- 20%+ price break and for some, free shipping.

If you order multiple packs of the same seed, I usually put it all in 1 pack with a number to indicate that it's a multiple.

If a variety name or price does not match on the cart what you want, PLEASE contact me ASAP, as I will need to do some editing on the page.

If you want to pay with Google Checkout or a check or money order you will need to email me your order and I will send you a  invoice or mailing info.

All the seed  offered will be my own collected seed.

There are 28.35 gms in an ounce.
Seeds are offered in a "mini" weighed to 0.05 gm,
a "pack" that is weighed to 0.1 gm,
also 1 gm (113 % of a 1/32 oz pack),
or 5 gms (more than 1/6 oz or 140 % of a 1/8 oz pack),
and 10 gms (more than 1/3 oz or 140 % of a 1/4 oz pack) on varieties I have plenty of seed.

This page has varieties that have Low Germination -- in the 60 - 80 % range. Right now I don't have better seed available. If you want to take a chance on these seeds, I give a double sized pack to make up for the Low Germination (LG). A few of them are older seed (from 06 growing season for 07 sales) assumed to be lower germinating but not tested, that we had hoped to replace this year but the growing season didn't cooperate with us. They had germinated well when last tested but I don't have the energy to do another test this year.

Hopefully, next time we are able to collect seeds we will be able to move them to the alphabetical pages.

Variety info in row below buy buttons. If a variety looks like a link, there is a pic  there.

Most info is from the SSE yearbook description of the variety as I'm not very good at writting descriptions.

Heirloom or Rare Open Pollinated varieties


Or seed grown in 06 for 07 sales, assumed to have lower germination.

New for 2011 Mini pack Full pack 1 gm
5 gm
10 gm
Aprox seed count
15-25 25-40

#24 Striped Black, F-5, Kozula mini
2 gm $12

#137 Malinowe Zebra F-5, Kozula mini
2 gm $12

#137 Malinowe Zebra - I believe translated from Polish it means something like 'raspberry'. Larger pink striped tomato. Somewhat variable yet.
Bear Creek Mini
2 gm-$11

Black Plum (2007 seed) Mini
2 gm-$9

Black Mystery Mini
2 gm-$11

Costoluto Fiorentino Mini
2 gm-$10

Costoluto Fiorentino - I, RL, large heirloom which originated from Florence, Italy; an excellent out of hand and sauce type; great flavor
Currant Sweet Pea Mini
2 gm-$10

Dora Mini
2 gm-$10

Dora - I,RL plants, med pink, 8-12 oz. slightly flattened beefsteaks with excellent flavor, seems to set well in heat. Tartly sweet, succulent flesh. Brandywine X Cherokee Purple cross, selected for flavor, created and stabilized by Keith Mueller, MO
Eh-Lim mini

Eh-Lim - I, RL boat-shaped beefsteak from Azerbaijan. Pinkish red with great flavor and decent production.

Gildo Pietroboni Sorry Sold out for now

I, very wispy RL foliage, bright red blunt hearts, 6-14 oz, very meaty with very few seeds. Excellent sweet flavor.
Homestead Mini
2 gm $12

Hoy Mini
2 gm $10

Hoy - I,RL,large pink, weighing from 1 lb. up to 3 lb. Variety is over a hundred years old. Developed by Hoy Taylor of West Virginia. Large tasty tomatoes with good production.,
Husky Red F-3 LG Mini

Ildi mix (2007 seed) Mini
2 gm-$8

Ildi is supposed to be a grape shape but the seed I received was a mix of Grape and Pear. We have been trying to sort them out but need a couple more grow-outs.
Isis Candy  Mini

Magnif Potente mini

Magnif Potente - I, mid season, medium sized red beefsteak. decent flavor, good production
Malakhitovaya Shkatulka (Malachite Box) mini

Malakhitovaya Shkatulka - I. RL, mid season Green when ripe decent sized slicer. Good taste and good yield.
Mt. Gold (2007 seed) Mini
2 gm-$9

Mule Team mini
2 gm $8

Mule Team - indet., blemish-free 8 oz. fruit, great tasting, very productive and disease resistant
2 gm $10

OSU Blue PL (50% germ) Sorry Sold out for now

OSU Blue PL - This spring I found a few Potato Leaved plants in my seedlings. Same small blue fruited experimental fruit.
Peron mini
2 gm $8

Peron -  indet., regular leaf, medium size, 8 oz., red fruit, disease res., high in vitamic C, excellent flavor, productive, from Argentina,
Randy's Brandy LG mini
2 gm $12

Randy's Brandy -  aprox 70% germ. Seed sent to me by a trading partner. Mid sized pink Brandywine type. Selected in Oklahoma so takes the heat.
Red Currant Mini
2 gm-$10

Schimmeig Striped Hollow mini

Snyder Pink Climber Mini
2 gm-$14

Spudakee Purple Mini
2 gm-$10

Spudakee Purple - From a different trade tho it's most likely the same as just "Spudakee". I have more seed for this one but the germination is a bit lower. PL version of Cherokee Purple.
Super Snow White mini

Super Snow White - indet., regular leaf, small prolific white fruit, better flavor than most other whites, larger than Snow White Cherry
Tiger Tom  mini

Tiger Tom - red fruit with yellow stripes, too big to be a cherry and too small to be a canner, a good two-bite tomato,
Tom's Yellow Wonder mini

Top Sirloin Mini
2 gm-$12

Trenton's Tiger Mini
2 gm-$12

Victorian Dwarf
limited seeds

White Beauty (2007 seed) Mini
2 gm-$9

White Beauty (2012 seed lg) Mini

White Beauty - We collected just a very little seed from the 2011 growing season. It has aprox 80% germination.
White Currant Mini
2 gm-$11

Yellow Currant (2007 seed, may have some Red mixed in) Mini

Yellow Plum (2007 seed) Mini
2 gm-$8

Last edited 12/28/13

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