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Boards and other Helps

Here is where you will find links to sites to learn all about the "St. Elsewhere" sites. "St Elsewhere" is the code word used on the eBay boards for any off eBay site. But because of the censorship at eBay, you can't name the sites directly or you risk being "pinkslapped" or worse - banished from eBay.

While many of us would like to totally be away from eBay, we also understand that many of us still need eBay to some degree or another just because that is where most of the traffic is.

The boards below are sites where you can openly talk about ANY site. They are not affiliated with any one site so there is NO censorship other than respect for other's opinion is expected from all posters. We all have our favorite sites and sites that don't work for us, but that doesn't mean they won't work for someone else.

Below the boards area is an area of other programs and sites that are useful if you are making your own site or just setting up a store at another site.

I hope to be able to add some info here about Google Checkout too. Many of us would like to get away from PayPal as well as eBay, as they are really one and the same.

I am signed up with GC, but so far have not actually used it anywhere yet. I want to add GC to this site, but the GC buttons don't work as well for a site as the PayPal buttons. I will need to set up a full cart program first. The program my host offers, does not yet have a working mod for GC so I'm looking at another cart. When I figure it out I will post info on how to do it.


A great place to learn all about all the alternate sites is PowerSellersUnite (PSU) It's a board that isn't affiliated with any site, so you can talk about ALL of the sites without fear of being censored or "pinkslapped" like on the eBay boards. You don't have to be a Power Seller to be a member there either. In fact most of us there are not power sellers and never were. Come join PSU and learn about life after eBay. A great place to keep up on the latest scams too, so you don't become one of the scammed. This is probably the most active of the boards I visit, in part because it has over 2000 members and counting.


Ecommerce Arena is another great independent board. Not quite as active at PSU, but a bit more focused on business. If you need to know how to set up a shopping cart or design your site, this is a good place to check out.

Another interesting board is Tulip Tools. They have a chart that is periodically updated to show the page rank of the various sites. Here is the chart.


Another good board that I sometimes forget about is Online Traders Web Alliance (OTWA). I haven't gone there as much as the other boards in part because it can at times be a bit more raucous than the other boards. They have been working to clean up the flaming tho, so it should again be a good site for "St Elsewhere" info.

Voices of Reason is a small private board that is by invite only. It was started in the summer of 05 when another popular board we were on got mostly taken over by trolls. VOR was our private place away from the trolls. We have worked with several site owners to try to make sites that us sellers want to be on and that work for us. For more more info about VOR and how it can help you, give me an email.


Auction Help

Isden*tek This is a great site for small programs that help you make a better looking listing.

Mozilla is an alternate browser to IE. Actually the Mozilla org is the backbone of Netscape. Mozilla is the whole suite, Foxfire and Thunderbird are the separate browser and email programs. FREE. I use the suite myself as my browser and email programs. Foxfire/Mozilla is much less prone to security problems than IE. This site is made to look good in Mozilla and hopefully usable in IE.
This is the forum for all things about mozilla and Foxfire if you need help with anything.

This is a FREE program from the people in the open source community. It's a great alternate office suite to the M$ Office program. I have a very old version of M$ Office that just wouldn't open the files my hubby would bring home from work any more. But we just didn't have the money to get a newer version. Then I found OpenOffice.org (OOo). It works great. It will open most M$ Office files and resave back to M$ format most of the time. For some very complex files, it's best to save to the OOo format tho.
Here is the forum for any problems with OOo. Good people and very helpful.

For anyone listing at TAM, BnS or BidupToday, they all have a Boostlister bulk file loader that can speed listing if you already have your listings in a master spreadsheet. The main problem many people have with the lister tho, is that the program requires you to run a Macro on the Excel file. For many people the macro just doesn't work or their security settings won't let it work. I have a file made in OOo that works with the Boostlister loader. It has worked smoothly for me and several other people that have used it. You will need to have OOo on your computer before you can use it as M$ Office will not open this file. Get the zip with the file and instructions here. If you need any help with it just email me.

Last edited 11/6/06
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