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A bit newer stuff

A video link of me at the Wednesday Madison farmers market Oct 2010. I don't know if this video will embed tho.

Squash Crop 05

Here is a small part of our squash field about a month ago (mid Aug.). We actually had the weeds down pretty well, but the late germinating stuff has taken over now. But the squash plant growth was so great that you couldn't find the areas between the rows. The way we plant that rarely happens. The slight orange spots in the foreground are a few of the squash, but trust me, you can't see most of what's out there. Just in front of the yellow house you can see a hint of 4 rows of sunflowers. The taller things are 2 old pear trees. The tree on the left (hard to see) actually has squash climbing up the tree and there are 4 mature baby hubbards in it now. The catalog calls that variety "restricted vine". I don't think so. Or maybe it's just that everything has grown like crazy this year.


Here is a panorama of the self-serve stand we have out in our driveway. The camper in the background belongs to a neighbor in town that can't keep it in his yard (city rules). For size, the tent is 12x20, the wagon is 8x16 and the baskets in between are pallet boxes.

fall stand

Here is a closer view of the wagon and pallets. Each of the pallets hold about 20 bushels or about 2000 lbs +-. The wagon has at least 3 more pallets worth of squash on it right now. There are also about 50 bushel+ crates, like on the left of the pics, already in my truck,  just out of the pics, ready for the market.


On the far left are some of the sacks of squash that we sell as a deal at the market. Depending on what is in them, you can get the squash for about 1/2 or less of the piece price.


So far what you can see in the pics here is maybe 1/4th of what is in the field. We haven't even gone into 1/2 of the rows yet picking stuff. What's on the stand is more than we had for the whole crop last year. Big difference between years. We didn't really do anything different other than hubby just did a bit of hand fertilizing this year instead of going thru with the big spreader.

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