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Tomato Plants 

Shipping Tomato Plants

Sorry, no shipping of plants.

Madison farmers market 2017. I just updated the plant list for this year. Only 60 some varieties this year. Greenhouse issues killed a lot of the seedlings. Many of these varieties do NOT have a whole lot of plants available. Some as little as 6 or 8 plants.

Here is the current list of varieties in Excel format.

 We will have the plants in the driveway when they aren't at a market for anyone looking for plants.

My health has been very up and down. A few good days but too many not so good days.

We will also have some herbs.

The opening of the West Bend farmers market is 5/20/17, 2 weeks earlier than normal. Since my big truck died, we both have smaller trucks with less racks. We will fit in more varieties by bringing only 1/2 flats for many varieties.

Here is a pic of the greenhouse  from 2013.

gh 2013

Because I have over 600 varieties I grow for seed I'm not able to grow ALL the varieties every year any more. We seeded about 150 varieties this year and I should have plants available for at least 75 of them, eventually. But I did miss a few of the more popular varieties because I didn't need to grow them for seed this year. I'm sorry if I missed your favorite. But talk to me at the market, as I probably have another similar variety.

Unfortunately we didn't get started early enough to have the nice large plants or baskets like in the pics below. But we do have several of the varieties so you can do it yourself.

Some pics from 09


Our over stuffed Greenhouse #3. Gallon pots in foreground on right. Some tiny plants waiting to be transplanted on the shelf just behind.

Pics from 09

Plant racks ready for market. You can see that some plants are huge and some still rather small. That reflects the different times of seeding and transplanting.


The stuffed greenhouse #0. Last year this greenhouse was 90 feet long. Heavy Dec snow brought most of it down tho. We managed to fix up about 24 feet to use til we can fix the whole thing.

Now in 2013, we still only have the 24 ft but the plastic is now gone as the wind tore it up. It seems there is never enough time to do all the fixing we need to do from year to year.

We are really cramped for greenhouse space this year due to winds destroying one of my greenhouses. Because of that, I'm only planting about 1/2 as many flats / variety of all but  a few of the most popular varieties. 

For those of you closer to Milwaukee or West Bend, we will try to have our driveway stand open about the middle of May. It's a self-serve stand in the front yard. Someone is usually around to help you tho any time EXCEPT on Saturdays. The plants are not there either as they are at the Madison market.

If you need any help or more info, please email me at the contact link on the sidebar.

last edited 5/26/2016

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